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Buck Baker Oak Bark Leather Belts

Finest English handmade Bridle Leather Belts crafted from best selection Bridle Butt, as supplied by the Tannery, J & F.J. Baker & Co. For more information visit Materials index. Available are the following Oak Bark Tanned Bridle Butts-
Available colours, from left to right- Black, Australian Nut, London Tan, Dark Stain Australian Nut, a rich shade of dark brown which can complement most outfits. Dark Stain, may be described as a vintage tan, a wonderful leather which has a depth of colour variation, natural markings and respectful old charm. Black is the traditional colour used for harness making and makes a great addition to the wardrobe. London Tan, beautiful light golden tan associated with the 'best bridle' making, as traditionally the leather is produced from the cleanest hides. This colour deepens and enriches with age and use, highlighting oak bark leather to the full for connoisseurs. Select an option of widths, colour of linen thread and a solid brass or nickel plated on solid brass West End buckles. Standard six hole spacing at one inch (25mm) apart with optimum waist size at hole three from the buckle. Typically, waist sizes can run to 48”. However, some Bridle Butts vary in length which will allow longer sizes up to 52”. Please check current stock options for styles and sizes.

*Please note, every effort has been undertaken to reproduce the colour in the photographs as near as possible to the actual shade. Please allow for possible slight variances which may occur.

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