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Finest English handmade belts crafted from best selection Baker Oak Bark Tanned Bridle Leather Butts. For more detailed information, please click this link to the Baker website - J. & F.J. Baker & Co. Ltd

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Available colours, from left to right-

Black is the traditional colour used for harness making and makes a great addition to the wardrobe.

Australian Nut a rich shade of dark brown which can complement most outfits.

London Tan beautiful light golden tan associated with the 'best bridle' making, as traditionally the leather is produced from the cleanest hides. This colour deepens and enriches with age and use, highlighting oak bark leather to the full for connoisseurs.

Dark Stain may be described as a vintage tan, a wonderful leather which has a depth of colour variation, natural markings, with resulting respectful old charm.

*Please note, every effort has been undertaken to reproduce the colour in the photographs as near as possible to the actual shade. Please allow for possible slight variances which may occur.

J. & F.J. Baker & Co. Ltd of Colyton, Devon, suppliers of Oak Bark tanned bridle leather butts. Unique in its appearance, with a wonderful aroma, using an age-old process dating back to Roman Times. Oak Bark tanning requires a period of between twelve to twenty-four months to produce. The result is a strong supple leather with a natural varied colour aniline finish which allows the grain and nature of the skin to show through, maturing with daily use. No two Butts or batches are the same in colour and characteristic variances, so every belt has its own identity. Leather colour may migrate onto clothing under certain circumstances which is a natural factor found in a live product.


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Supplied by an English company which has a foundry in Walsall, the heart of the English saddlery trade, awarded a Royal Warrant in 1995 for their quality goods manufactured in the foundry. These include belt buckles and other saddlery items, being one of the market leaders to the saddlery trade. These traditional authentic buckles and fittings hand cast from solid brass or nickel plated on solid brass which are used, or derive from saddlery and harness making to compliment the chosen leather.


Barbour linen thread, traditionally used in the saddlery trade because of its strength and durability. Hand waxed with beeswax prior to hand sewing, ensures waterproof locked in stitches, providing a unique appearance only found with double hand stitching.

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